BioMarket Insights | by Liz Gyekye | Article Link | July 29, 2019

US biopesticide specialist and Italian biostimulant firm announce R&D collaboration.

“The bio-based plant nutrition market is growing due to the need to find new ways to increase crop yields while increasing sustainability.”

Marrone Bio Innovations, a US-based biopesticides specialist, has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership to collaborate on research and development efforts with Italy-based biostimulant firm Valagro.

The global, non-exclusive research collaboration will leverage a subset of Marrone Bio’s collection of 18,000 microorganisms in conjunction with Valagro’s biostimulant and plant nutrition products that enhance crop yield and quality. Products resulting from this partnership have the potential to enhance a grower’s productivity and return on investment with plants that develop better root systems, grow with more vigour and thrive under harsher growing conditions, according to Marrone and Valagro.

Dr. Pam Marrone, Chief Executive Officer of Marrone Bio Innovations (@MarroneBio), told Bio Market Insights: “The bio-based plant nutrition market is growing due to the need to find new ways to increase crop yields while increasing sustainability. Biologicals do that! Combining traditional solutions with biologicals provides more efficient uptake of plant nutrients with less environmental runoff.”

“As a leader in the plant biostimulants development space, Valagro (@ValagroGroup) is excited to combine our unique know-how acquired in the field of plant biostimulants and plant nutrition with Marrone Bio’s strength in microorganisms and biopesticides, addressing a $155 billion global plant nutrition market,” said Giuseppe Natale, Chief Executive Officer of Valagro.

He added: “This collaboration with the clear industry leader in bio-based products reinforces our global corporate positioning as a leading player in agricultural nutrition and biologicals – which includes biostimulants and biofertilisers – by integrating and delivering advanced products and value-added tech-based services to farmers globally.”

“We strive to be the partner of choice with notable players in the global ag market such as Valagro,” added Marrone.

She explained: “This collaboration allows us new opportunities to further monetise our microorganism collection, applying our biologicals expertise into adjacent markets. The products from this partnership have the potential to provide growers with innovative new products addressing unmet needs.

“We have long known that Marrone Bio Innovation’s suite of innovative bio-based products work best in combination with complementary traditional and biological agricultural solutions, such as those from Valagro.

“Combining them into unique new products would provide growers with a better bottom line, and also increased sustainability. This partnership is an excellent example of our disciplined approach to research, which maximises productivity, and leverages previously invested capital, thus conserving capital.”