TerraConnect | Integrated Seed & Soil Opportunities

Seed & Soil In-Furrow Treatment

Pro Farm Group is the global leader in the development and sale of biological crop protection products.

TerraConnect is a suite of proprietary & award winning biological products providing:

  • Competitive sourcing & supply chain for key ingredients
  • Flexible integrated pest management solutions
  • The highest quality active ingredients
  • Customer service you can count on

Why shop biologicals for seed & soil treatment?

  • Broader range of active ingredients
  • Innovative combinations of biologicals with traditional chemistries improve and protect crops
  • Cost effective alternative to restricted use products
  • Improved pest, resistance, and residue management
  • Reduced crop stress management
  • Broad spectrum control
  • Improved plant & soil health
  • Enhanced quality & yields
TerraConnect | Integrated Seed & Soil Opportunities
TerraConnect In-furrow Seed Treatment

Commercial Products Available