Zelto® for Turf Protection

Zelto Turf Protector

Zelto turf protection promotes turf health by protecting roots from the ground up.

Zelto Bionematicide is used for control of plant parasitic nematodes and soil dwelling pests. It works by reducing the nematode population while encouraging rapid plant regeneration. This results in increased turf density and overall improved plant and root health.

APPLICATION: Foliar (Aerial or Ground), Chemigation, Soil Treatment, Backpack/Hand Sprayer
ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Heat-killed Burkholderia

Zelto turf protector package

Crops & Pests

Zelto Nematicide is approved for use on a broad range of nematodes and soil dwelling insects affecting turf.

Common Uses

Turf including:

  • Golf Course Greens
  • Golf Course Fairways
  • Golf Course Roughs
  • Golf Course Tee complexes

And more

How your crops benefit from Zelto

As a non-gas formulation, Zelto bionematicide provides improved worker safety while reducing impact to environment and play time.

Boost yield with biopesticides

Boost yield & quality

Reduces nematode population and improves plant and root health

Manage resistance with biopesticides

Manage resistance

Broad spectrum suppression and control of economically damaging soil insects and nematodes

Worker friendly biopesticides


Helps simplify your labor scheduling and avoids costly downtime

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Mode of Action

Zelto has a novel bacteria-based (non-living) active with true nematicidal activity against eggs, juveniles and adult nematodes.

Zelto Efficacy

Zelto has proven effective in controlling or suppressing turf damaging nematodes.


Hear how Zelto helped these growers.

“Over a four month timeline, bio-assays were completed in between each application. At the start of the trial, the population significantly exceeded the threshold count. After the third Zelto application, the population count showed zero nematodes. We were very encouraged by the results.
What I like best are its safety features. Zelto has a cautious signal word, fast re-entry for golfers, and minimal PPE for my workers.”
~ Mike Strube, Feather Sound CC, Clearwater, Florida

Art of Use

The following best use practices should be kept in mind to effectively use Zelto:

  • Initial application: 2 gallon per acre.
  • Sequential applications: Additional treatments at 4 week intervals at 1 gallon per acre.
  • Hydrophobic soils: Use in combination with a premium soil surfactant.
  • Zelto can be used on greens, fairways, roughs and tee complexes and professional lawn care services.
Sustainable Ag 3 | MBI

Labels & Literature

Download Zelto product literature.

Where to Find Zelto Nematicide

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