A nutritional seed treatment that improves nutrient uptake.

UBP Seed Treatment is a nutritional seed treatment that improves conditions to aid nutrient uptake and root growth, which can result in increased crop health, yield and crop quality.

UBP Seed Treatment is a based on the same underlying technology as UBP 110. It uses renewable forestry industry byproducts to produce a molecular level complex that contains macro- and micro-nutrients that are more effectively and efficiently delivered to plants.

UBP Seed Treatment is a second generation of original UBP 110 core technology:

  • Specific formulation for seed treatment of hybrids crops and cereals
  • Designed to support conditions for plant growth
  • Excellent seed-safety and dust-off properties

APPLICATION: Seed Treatment

PRODUCT CONTAINS: Potassium (K), organic acids and micronutrients


Sustainable Ag 2 | MBI


Common Crops

  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Rapeseed
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Sunflowers

Art of Use

It is easy to apply and use and is compatible with common seed treatment agrochemicals.

UBP Seed Treatment Efficacy

UPB Seed Treatment improves conditions for root growth and nutrient uptake. It optimizes conditions for abiotic stress tolerance, and improves nutrient uptake via natural complexing agents which can lead to better germination, seedling development, and plant stand. UBP Seed Treatment is optimizes conditions for photosynthetic activity, plant health, and development.

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