A foliar biological fertilizer that enhances conditions for increased yield and crop quality.

UBP 110 is a complex micronutrient fertilizer that enhances conditions which lead to increased yield and improved crop quality.

UBP 110 is a water soluble potassic fertilizer designed for foliar application. It contains organic acids and compounds derived from wood in combination with complex macro and microelements. UBP 110 delivers nutrients through the foliage and optimizes conditions for plant tolerance and abiotic stress.

APPLICATION: Foliar, 1-3 applications

PRODUCT CONTAINS: Potassium (K), organic acids and micronutrients

FORMULATION: Water Soluble Coarse Powder

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Common Crops

  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat
  • Rice

Art of Use

UBP 110 is easy to apply and compatible with common agrochemicals. UBP 110 dissolved fast and mixes smoothly (mix and spray) with common pesticides.

Key Benefits

UBP 110 delivers nutrients through the foliage and optimizes conditions for tolerance to abiotic stress. The molecular level complex contains well-balanced ratios of vital macro, micro, and trace minerals. Organically bonded nutrients and microelements are more mobile and biologically available to the plant.

UBP 110 optimizes conditions for abiotic stress tolerance through:

  • Healthy (micro)nutrient balance
  • Nutrient availability
    • Optimizes the plant’s energy economy
    • Supports increased photosynthetic activity

UBP 110 Efficacy

Field trials since 2014 demonstrate that UBP 110 applications lead to increased crop yield and improved quality when used in combination with local standard practices. By fostering plant vigor and health, trials with UBP 110 have also demonstrated that treated crops recover more quickly from various crop stress conditions.

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