Haven® Stress Manager for Crop Heat & Sun Damage Protection

Haven plant stress reduction

Protect Plants From Heat Stress

Haven is an abiotic stress manager that helps crops dissipate excess heat and moderates solar radiation. This process keeps plants at a temperature optimal for heat and sun damage protection. Lowering temperatures during hot periods helps protect plants from stressors that may impact photosynthesis. Multi-year field trials have shown that Haven-treated crops experience increased marketable yield compared to untreated controls when applied at labeled rates.

Haven’s active ingredient, Stearyl alcohol, is plant-derived. The formulation is easy to mix and apply without leaving visible residue (MRL exempt).

Haven plant stress reduction package


Haven is labeled for use on the following crops:

Raisin, table and wine

Nut Crops
Almond, beech nut, Brazil nut, butternut, cashew, chestnut, filbert, hickory nut, macadamia nut, pecan, walnut and pistachio

Tree Fruit
Stone fruit such as loquat, quince and apricot, sweet or tart cherry, nectarine, plum, peach, plumcot and prune

Citrus Fruit
Grapefruit, lemon, lime, kumquat, mandarin, oranges, pummelo, Satsuma mandarin and tangelos

Small Fruit
Blackberry, blueberry, boysenberry, cranberry, elderberry, and loganberry

Fruiting Vegetables
Tomato, pepper and eggplant

Bulb Vegetables
Garlic, leek, onions and shallot

Cucurbit Vegetables
Cucumber, summer and winter squash, pumpkin, muskmelon and watermelon

Brassica and Leaf Vegetable
Broccoli, brussels sprouts, Chinese cabbages, cauliflower, cabbage, mustard greens, kale, kohlrabi, arugula, celery, lettuces, parsley and spinach

Other Miscellaneous Vegetables Crops
Asparagus and strawberry

Cereal Grains
Wheat, rice, oats, and barley

Field corn, popcorn, sweet corn and seed corn

Tropical Crops
Coffee, avocado, guava, banana, mango, passion fruit, star fruit, papaya and pineapple


How your crops benefit from Haven

Haven helps protect plants from abiotic stressors like extreme temperature and sun exposure. Multi-year field trials have shown that Haven-treated crops experience increased marketable yield compared to untreated controls. Trial highlights:

  • Increased photosynthetic activity: Wine grapes with higher °Brix throughout the season and an 18% average yield boost.
  • Less abiotic stress damage: Fresh grapes with 50% less sun damage and, on average, 59 more boxes per acre.
  • Strong Return on Investment: Marketable nut increase by 14% for a 4:1 ROI
  • Higher Marketable Yield: 6-28% yield increase for high tunnel tomatoes
  • Market Access Opportunity: MRL exemption for easier export and higher quality pack-out (less scrubbing!).

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Mode of Action

Haven dissipates excess heat to keep leaf temperatures optimal for abiotic stress protection. Throughout the season, Haven-treated plants experience relief from abiotic stressors that impact photosynthesis. Haven is easy to mix and leaves no visible residue, simplifying application and post-harvest processing.

Haven Efficacy

When two to four applications are sprayed on crops generally starting at early fruit/nut set, Haven has reduced sun stress and increased yields for almonds, walnuts, grapes, citrus, tomatoes, corn, wheat and turf.

In Trials

Haven treated almonds experienced a 17.4% increase in tons per acre over the untreated plots.

Art of Use

The following best use practices should be kept in mind to effectively use Haven:

In general, 2 to 4 applications of Haven should be made at a rate of 0.6-0.9% v/v. Treat based on crop growth stage at a 2 to 4 week interval. Always refer to label for crop-specific instructions.

  • Perennial crops (i.e. trees, vines) benefit from 3 to 4 applications of Haven at 2.5 quarts per acre in 100 gallons of water (0.6% v/v). For maximum efficacy in vines, begin spraying by early fruit set; in walnuts and almonds, begin spraying at bloom or petal fall, respectively.
  • Field trials in annual crops have demonstrated stress-reduction yield benefits when Haven is applied once at flower initiation at a rate of 0.9% v/v. An additional application can be made at early fruit set.
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Labels & Literature

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Where to Find Haven

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