Field Trials Support Potential New Treatment Option for Corn Growers

DAVIS, Calif., Dec. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Marrone Bio (NASDAQ: MBII) (MBI), an international leader in sustainable bioprotection and plant health solutions, today announced the results of new U.S. field trials of its next-generation nematicide/insecticide, which showed superior control of yield-robbing insects and nematodes in corn.

Research trials conducted at six Midwest locations confirmed higher yields and cost-effective control of insects and nematodes equivalent to or better than current industry chemical standards. This next-generation product is derived from Burkholderia rinojensis – a new species of soil bacterium discovered by MBI – and provides increased performance and greater ease of use at lower rates. The 2019 trials showed outstanding control against corn rootworm larvae, seed corn maggot and lesion nematode in field corn.

Marrone Bio currently markets soil treatment products in the United States through its distribution partners under the brand name Majestene® for a variety of specialty crops including potatoes, strawberries, tobacco, cucurbits and fruiting vegetables. The next-generation nematicide/insecticide has the potential to expand the company’s offering to corn growers as part of their integrated pest management systems. U.S. farmers planted more than 90 million acres of corn in 2019, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

“Our latest field trials underscored the performance advantages of our next-generation insecticide/nematicide for three of the most pervasive pests in corn,” said Kevin Hammill, chief commercial officer of Marrone Bio Innovations. “This gives us the potential to offer new options to our customers who are looking for high-performing, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to control these persistent yield-robbing insects in corn. This new product offering will expand our robust portfolio of seed, foliar and soil treatments, and enhance our market presence in row crops.”

“These results speak to our ability to continue to mine and add value from our rich portfolio of microbes, cost effectively leveraging the capital invested in our R&D pipeline,” added Dr. Pamela Marrone, founder and chief executive officer of Marrone Bio Innovations. “With this new product, we want to provide growers a breakthrough sustainable alternative that will provide greater efficacy while supporting their regenerative agriculture growing practices.”

The current Majestene product provides effective insect and nematode control while reducing damage to crops, resulting in higher yields. When in contact with Majestene, nematodes in the soil stop moving after 24 hours and die within 48-to-72 hours. Research studies also have shown that Majestene remains in the roots and has a positive effect on fine-hair root development.

2019 U.S. Soil Treatment Trial Results

Six studies in the United States compared the next-generation solution for nematode and insect control with Majestene and current chemical treatments. This improved nematicide/insecticide version was extremely effective in soil treatments and demonstrated a positive yield improvement when rates were increased, particularly when compared with commercial standards. The current Majestene product also showed improved control and yields, equivalent to or better than the untreated control and current industry chemical standards. The next-generation product is in the final phases of the R&D process and will be submitted for regulatory approval within the next year.

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