Venerate® XC and Grandevo® WDG are proven to minimize damage from navel orangeworm and other pests, driving improved crop yields and quality while empowering growers to meet California’s Almond Orchard 2025 Goals

DAVIS, Calif., April 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As the global market demand for almonds continues to increase exponentially, one of the greatest threats to crops is navel orangeworm, Amyelois transitella.

According to a 2018 study by Sacramento-based Blue Diamond Growers, Almond growers are at risk of losing 20 percent of their crop due to this increasingly common pest, which causes an  estimated revenue loss to the farmer of $1,700 per acre.

The addition of a bioinsecticide from Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. (NASDAQ: MBII) (MBI), a leading developer of biological crop protection and plant health solutions – to the May and hull split conventional spray programs decreased total nut damage by an additional two percent in extensive 2018 field trials. The addition of Venerate® XCdelivered a six-to-one return on investment for growers, while multiple trials show that Venerate® XCadded to a conventional spray program improved total performance by 33 percent based on damage reduction and number of eggs and pests present.

“It could be a heavy year for navel orangeworm populations because orchard sanitation or mummy removal has been a particular challenge this winter,” explained Kevin Hammill, Chief Commercial Officer of Marrone Bio. “This pest  can cost growers hundreds to thousands of dollars per acre because it causes direct damage to the nut and may be an issue in international markets due to aflatoxin concerns. Navel orangeworm has developed resistance to some commonly used chemicals such as pyrethroids. The addition of Venerate® XC, with its unique mode of action, reduces resistance development to standard conventional spray programs and minimizes the damage caused by the navel orangeworm, offering higher-quality crop.”

In addition, peach twig borer and two-spotted spider mite also pose threats to almond crops. A rotation of MBI’s Grandevo® WDG bioinsecticide sprayed at bloom significantly enhances control of these pests, while still protecting beneficial insects. The rotational benefit of Grandevo® WDG and Venerate® XCdemonstrates increased control of peach twig borer and two-spotted spider mite as a secondary benefit to navel orangeworm treatments.

Both Venerate® XC and Grandevo® WDG support objectives of the Almond Orchard 2025 Goals from the Almond Board of California -which is dedicated to producing an economically, environmentally and socially responsible crop for California – more specifically, the commitment to increase adoption of environmentally friendly pest management tools by 25 percent.

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Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. (NASDAQ: MBII) strives to lead the movement to more a sustainable world through the discovery, development and sale of innovative biological products for crop protection, plant health and waterway systems treatment that support a better tomorrow for farmers, turf managers and consumers around the globe. MBI has screened over 18,000 microorganisms and 350 plant extracts, leveraging its in-depth knowledge of plant and soil microbiomes enhanced by advanced molecular technologies to rapidly develop seven effective and environmentally responsible pest management active ingredients and nine products to help customers operate more sustainably while uniquely improving plant health and increasing crop yields. Supported by a robust portfolio of over 400 issued and pending patents around its superior natural product chemistry, MBI’s currently available commercial products are Regalia®, Stargus®, Grandevo® WDG, Grandevo® CG, Venerate® XC, Venerate® CG, Majestene®, Haven® and Amplitude®, Zelto® and Zequanox®.

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