Citrus Pest Management

Tools to Manage Citrus Thrips, Red Mites, Heat Stress & Post-Harvest Decay

Why trust us with your citrus crop? We have more than 15 years of experience in the innovation of crop protection products for the modern-day specialty crop grower. Our library of 18,000 microbial organisms, 500+ global issued or pending patents, and data from over 3,000 field trials is why you can trust the crop experts at Pro Farm Group to provide you with crop solutions that work.

DOWNLOAD: Citrus IPM Guide

Citrus IPM Guide for Thrips & Red Mites
Click on the image to download ProFarm's Citrus Crop Brochure. Learn from our citrus experts on best practices for scouting and managing Citrus Thrips and Red Mites. We also share how Haven can help protect your citrus crop from heat stress and sun damage, and how Jet-Ag 5% can help manage post-harvest rot.

Tips from the Experts

“Diligent scouting along with using a variety of active ingredients – rotating modes of action – throughout the season are the best ways to reduce insecticide resistance in citrus.”

Farmer-Focused, Field Proven

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Grandevo® WDG Bioinsecticide

A broad spectrum bioinsecticide used to suppress or control early insect populations. Grandevo WDG is an excellent addition to existing IPM and resistance management program, prolonging the lifespan of other pesticides.


ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Chromobacterium subtsugae PRAA4-1T & spent fermentation media


  • Citrus Thrips
  • Citrus Red Mites


  • Broad spectrum protection against sucking & chewing insects & mites
  • Low impact on pollinators & beneficial insects when used as directed
  • No effect on pollination & fruit set
  • Multiple modes of action:
    – Repellency
    – Ingestion
    – Reproduction Disruption


Apply Grandevo® WDG Bioinsecticide at 1-3 lbs./A every 7-14 days until the fruit is no longer susceptible to scarring. When fruit reaches 1.5 inches for Navels & Valencias; mandarins often require longer treatment regimens.

NOTE: Use of an oil or surfactant is recommended when applying Grandevo WDG Bioinsecticide to aid in enhanced coverage at insecticide efficacy.

Venerate® XC Bioinsecticide

A broad spectrum bioinsecticide and excellent addition to existing IPM and resistance management programs.

APPLICATION: Foliar (Ground), Backpack/Hand Sprayer

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Burkholderia spp. strain A396 cells & spent fermentation media

• Citrus Thrips
• Citrus Red Mites

• Broad spectrum protection against sucking and chewing insects and mites
• Low impact on pollinators and beneficial insects when used as directed
• Tolerance exempt – never worry about MRLs
• Mode of Action: Ingestion

Apply 2-4 qts./A on a 7-day interval.

Under heavy populations, Venerate XC Bioinsecticide can be rotated with other insecticides/miticides and can be tank mixed with contact or systemic insecticides/miticides. No limit on number of applications per season.

Include an oil or surfactant to enhance coverage and efficacy. Use caution when applying oils under high temperatures.


Contributes to a cooler canopy, increasing plant transpiration and blocking harmful solar radiation. It is a plant UV-B blocker without visible residue.




• Leaves no visible residue on the fruit making harvest & processing easier
• Lowers internal leaf canopy temperatures
• Blocks harmful radiation like UV-B that harms plant tissue & growth

Volume – apply for full coverage. Do not apply to runoff to avoid waste. For typical 12-foot trees, 100-200 gal./A is recommended.
Concentration – dilute HAVEN® in water at a rate of 0.9% – 1.2% v/v. 115 – 150 fluid ounces per 100 gallons.

Jet-Ag® 5%

A broad spectrum peryoxyacetic acid (PAA) that suppresses, eliminates, and controls algae, fungi, & bacterial diseases.


ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Hydrogen Peroxide 26.5%, Peroxyacetic Acid 4.9%

• Blue & Green Mold
• Sour Rot
• Brown Rot

• Highly stable PAA
• Curative contact fungicide, bactericide & algaecide
• Kills pathogen spores on fruit surface
• No residue
• Tank mix compatible*
* Avoid mixing with copper, magnesium, sulfur & zinc.

1% v/v every 7-14 days; prior to rain event or near harvest or when conditions become conducive to disease development.


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