Pam Marrone of Marrone Bio Innovations sees a solid future in tools from nature.

Posted in Michigan Farmer, by Willie Vogt | Dec 11, 2017

Pam Marrone is energetic, innovative and frustrated. She’s the founder and background force for Marrone Bio Innovations, a Davis, Calif., firm that has been a trendsetter in a growing area of technology: biologicals.

And why is Marrone frustrated? Because environmentalists and regulators start talking about banning a traditional crop protection product, but never consider ways to bring alternatives to work on the issues, she says. For example, there’s talk of banning chlorpyrifos in crops. This is a potent, and long-used, insecticide. Yet MBI has a bio-based product that has been shown in trials to outperform the older chemistry in a wide range of trials. Why not go bio?

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