MBI-306, recently submitted to the EPA for regulatory approval, showed very positive results in 2021 corn and soybean field trials when evaluated for the control of top yield-robbing pests, corn rootworm and soybean cyst nematode.

The novel bioinsecticide/bionematicide is built on a proprietary microbe (Burkholderia rinojensis strain A396) that has been the active ingredient in MBI’s leading bioinsecticide, Venerate® XC, and Majestene® Bionematicide products. MBI-306 has shown to be non-toxic to humans, wildlife, aquatic life, earthworms and pollinators.

When tested as a seed treatment to control corn rootworm larvae, MBI-306 improved corn yields by up to 23 bushels per acre, a 14% increase when compared with untreated seed. The bioinsecticide also outperformed the leading commercial standard, delivering a 4% yield advantage. These yield gains equate to an estimated return on investment of $131 per acre versus untreated seed and $41 per acre versus current commercial products.

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As a soybean seed treatment, MBI-306 increased yields by 11 bushels an acre, providing a 19% improvement and $130 per acre in additional revenue versus untreated seed. This novel bionematicide also showed excellent control with 6% higher yields when compared with commonly used treatments, providing growers an additional $47 per acre in returns.

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When tested in-furrow, for control of corn rootworm larvae, MBI-306 showed an average yield advantage of more than 21 bushels per acre versus no treatment.

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To learn more about MBI-306 visit with a technical expert near you or read: Marrone Bio Submits Regulatory Packages for Nematicides/Insecticides in United States and Brazil.

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Fredrik Engvall

Fredrik Engvall

Mr. Engvall has nearly 30 years of management and entrepreneurial experience in the areas of technology, manufacturing and operations and personnel management.

Most recently, Engvall and Tiainen, co-founded Pro Farm Technologies, a subsidiary of Marrone Bio Innovations in 2013. There he worked in various back-office functions throughout the company, crystalizing into a combined European operational lead for regulatory affairs and supply chain. His diligence resulted in securing EU Commission working group acceptance, allowing Pro Farm to successfully launch multiple, single dossier, pan-European nutritional seed treatments.

Prior to starting Pro Farm, Engvall worked in several dot.com or tech-service companies working in a variety of roles from finance and technical operations to new business development and personnel management.

Engvall has a passion for start-ups and was part of several new business concepts. As Chief Operations Officer for Dynamic5, he secured a Tekes (The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) grant for developing a mobile switch control app.